From your loungewear and office wear to bedsheets and curtains, this washing machine from Bosch will help you complete your laundry chore with ease. The spiral pulsator creates turbulent currents during the wash cycle which help get rid of dirt from your clothes. The Air Dry feature squeezes out maximum moisture from your clothes so that they can dry quickly. To top it off, the caster wheels help you move this appliance easily from one place to another.
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  • Air Dry: This washing machine helps lessen the drying time of your laundry, thanks to the Air Dry feature. This feature wrings out the maximum amount of moisture from your clothes so that can be air-dried for just a short span of time. This feature is perfect during monsoons and winters. Thanks to this feature, the bacterial growth in your clothes is inhibited, so you can wear clean, dry, and fresh clothes.


  • Spiral Pulsator: The spiral pulsator of this washing machine generates turbulent currents by rotating efficiently during the wash cycle. Here, the currents spin the clothes back and forth which ensures a thorough wash, every single time.


  • Wash Program Model: This washing machine offers different washing modes, namely gentle, delicate, normal, and heavy. You can select the appropriate washing mode, depending on the type of fabrics you’re washing. These modes not only offer an effective washing experience but also protect the clothes from getting damaged.


  • Aesthetic Design: This washing machine comes with a sleek and stylish design that does not take up much space and also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your decor. It also comes with caster wheels, so you can easily move it from one place to another.


  • Rust-Proof Body: Featuring a polypropylene body, this washing machine is resistant to rust, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.


  • Spacious Spin Tub: The spin tub of this washing machine has a capacity of up to 5.5 kg, ensuring your clothes are rinsed and dried efficiently. The spin tub also wrings out water from your clothes so they can dry faster.
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Size Medium
Ideal For Family Size Large Families
Washing Machine
Type Washer
Door Position Top Loading
Capacity Above 20kg
Power Consunption 351W ~ 1000W
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