Bring home this Hisense refrigerator and preserve the freshness of your food with its Super Freeze and Moisture Fresh Crisper. The super freeze function quickly cools down the freezer to provide fast freezing while the Moisture Fresh Crisper maintains the optimum moisture levels to keep your vegetables fresh. This Hisense refrigerator features large drawers that offer ample storage space for food items
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  • Total No Frost: The Total No Frost Technology featured in this Hisense refrigerator circulates cold air evenly throughout the compartments to prevent the build-up of ice crystals. This eliminates the need to manually defrost the fridge, thereby, making it easy to maintain.


  • Multi Air Flow: The fridge and the freezer sections of this refrigerator feature air vents that are located in zones that ensure even cooling. This delivers optimal cooling as the temperature remains consistent throughout the refrigerator.


  • Super Freeze: Enjoy food that lasts longer with the Super Freeze function. This function boosts the freezer’s efficiency by quickly lowering its temperature and, this also helps in maintaining the freshness of your food.


  • Moisture Fresh Crisper: This Hisense refrigerator's Moisture Fresh Crisper drawer has a built-in slider that helps maintain the humidity level in the box so that the food lasts longer.


  • Sleek Water Dispenser: Fill the sleek and smart water dispenser that is built into the door of this refrigerator with water and enjoy refreshing, chilled water whenever you wish to.


  • Bigger Drawers: The bigger the better is the mantra when it comes to refrigerators and that is why this Hisense refrigerator features large drawers that ensure you have enough space to store all your food items.


  • XXL Door Balcony: This storage space is designed to accommodate taller items such as 2-litre soda bottles, or two rows of regular bottles. You can always find space here, for your favorite chilled beverages.


  • Removable Twist Ice Maker: Get ice cubes for your guests quickly by simply twisting the knob and letting the cubes fall into the tray below.


  • Bright LED Lighting: Designed to illuminate every corner of this refrigerator, these LED lights will help you find what you are looking for without being too bright on your eyes.


  • Premium Aesthetics: The design of this eye-catching Hisense refrigerator will complement the beauty of the interior of your home.
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