Ethical presents a great utility product for your kitchen. It has a neat and simple, classic design, which looks great in any modern kitchen. Easy to use and clean, this product will make your cooking experience much more pleasurable. Made from high-quality Stainless Steel.
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Food cooks and releases on the entire surface of the nirlon cookware product. But raised circles on the “hi” Area allows a fraction of the cooking surface to take all of the abuse of utensils, protecting the majority of the cooking surface on the “low” Area from abrasion. Product features the nirlon cookware set features the nonstick food release system, which combines the hi-low relaxed wave technology with a non-stick formula. The hi-low interior groove system gives a high resistance to abrasion and requires little or no oil when cooking, making for healthier cooking. The fully encapsulated base makes it suitable for gas stove types and ensures even heat distribution with no 'hot spots, providing a great cooking performance every time. Brand: Nirlon. Material: Pure aluminum & bakelite handle. Color: Red & black.

  • Thick Gauge: Endowed with multiple layers, the durable Prestige Tri-Ply Splendor kadhai maintains it new appearance for a long time.


  • Uniform Heat Distribution: This kadhai features an intermediate aluminum layer located in the middle of two steel layers. The aluminum layer enables the heat to be distributed evenly, thereby effectively preventing the generation of hot spots on the cooking surface
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Bosch Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

From your loungewear and office wear to bedsheets and curtains, this washing machine from Bosch will help you complete your laundry chore with ease. The spiral pulsator creates turbulent currents during the wash cycle which help get rid of dirt from your clothes. The Air Dry feature squeezes out maximum moisture from your clothes so that they can dry quickly. To top it off, the caster wheels help you move this appliance easily from one place to another.
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