The Sony Smart TV lets you sit back and enjoy various content from YouTube videos to movies, music, and more. Its screen mirroring feature enables you to cast your favorite videos, photos, or music from your smartphone to the large screen.
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  • One-click YouTube Access: This Smart TV features a dedicated YouTube button on its remote for you to quickly access and browse your favorite channels, videos, and other content at any time.


  • Full HD Clarity: This Smart TV upscales every pixel to deliver impressive Full HD clarity, thanks to its X-Reality PRO picture processing technology. It analyses frames and matches each scene with a unique image database for ensuring minimal noise and refined image quality. Hence, you can see the incredible details in the architecture of a building precisely on this Smart TV.


  • Clear Resolution Enhancer: Featuring a picture enhancement technology, this Smart TV's Clear Resolution Enhancer offers optimum brightness, vivid colors, and sharp details for optimizing your viewing experience.


  • Fun-filled Gaming Experience: This Smart TV coupled with a PlayStation console enables a fun-filled and responsive gaming experience with vivid reproduction of colors and stunning visuals that will amaze you. You can enjoy any AAA title or classic game and watch them come to life with stunning visual quality on your TV screen for an incredible experience.


  • Clear Audio+: With Clear Audio+ in this Smart TV, you can enjoy a deep and immersive audio quality that will surround you for ensuring a lifelike audio-visual experience. This way, you can hear the dialogue, music, or audio with precise clarity and separation.


  • Clear Phase Technology: Thanks to the ClearPhase technology of this Smart TV, you can enjoy a balanced audio performance with optimum highs, mids, and lows in music videos, soundtracks, movies, and more. It offers an accurate reproduction of sound without distorting its natural quality


  • Plug and Play Function: With the Plug and Play function of this Smart TV, you can instantly share photos, videos, music, or any media files from a wide range of devices. Now, you can carry all of your favorite media on a USB drive or a smartphone to enjoy them on the large screen of this Smart TV.


  • X-Protection Pro: Devoid of ventilation holes on the back, this Smart TV keeps out dirt or dust to ensure a long-lasting lifespan. Moreover, its integrated protection features prevent short circuits that are caused by intermittent voltage and high moisture.


  • Choice of Regional Languages: This Smart TV is equipped with Multi Indian regional languages so that anybody can choose their preferred language from the selected settings and navigate the TV with ease.


  • Photo Frame Mode: Be it a landscape shot of the mountains or a lovely couple picture, this Smart TV lets you highlight any image with its Photo frame mode. You can simply view your photos from a USB device or digital camera and showcase your library of memories with your friends and family.
مواصفات المنتج
اسم السمة قيمة السمة
System unit
Screen Size 32", 43", 65"
Smart TV
Resolution QLED 8K, Crystal UHD
Alexa Support Built In Alexa
Dolby Audio Extendable, Not Support
No of HDMI Ports 4, 3
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